Markus Deak / News You thought that somehow didn’t fit, but were still happy to be courted?

Markus Deak / News You thought that somehow didn’t fit, but were still happy to be courted?

That was strange.

© Markus Deak / News

You thought that somehow didn’t fit, but were still happy to be courted? Yes, absolutely. Although I used to be very cynical, gave everyone an evil look and secretly thought to myself: You are all a decadent bunch. But today I see it differently, because everyone has needs and desires, and as long as it does no harm …

Why don’t you change your appearance, your look, in order not to be recognized all the time? Maybe some things would be easier then, but I don’t want to have surgery.

It wasn’t meant like that. I don’t like going to the hairdresser, having a chic new hairstyle done, putting on make-up and attaching artificial eyelashes – that would look way too “artificial”. I think that’s nice in art, but when you stand at the checkout in the supermarket you look like a runaway mannequin. It wouldn’t even be model-like, because models are just a little excessive, but basically natural. If I were too high, it would only lead to me being recognized even better. And if I were to change my type, with carrot-red hair for example, then I wouldn’t want to go out on the streets like that. I want to develop myself – like a daisy that doesn’t suddenly want to become an orchid, because that just doesn’t fit.

Has the thought of starting a completely new life somewhere else ever been appealing? No, because in principle I also feel that my current life is completely new. I don’t want to be ousted, do you understand? Even if I had not been captured, I would have tried to work in the media sector and gain recognition. But it should have been something heroic, like developing a cure for cancer. My self-liberation and becoming known afterwards appeared to me in a certain way logical: In the end, I also liberated myself so that I would no longer sit and die in the anonymity of a dungeon. Probably one day the perpetrator would have simply closed the dungeon and left me there or put me in a sack and then thrown anonymously somewhere in a forest.

Shortly after her self-liberation, Kampusch jokes were circulating like the following: “All children play Playmobil, except Natascha, who plays with Priklopil.” Can you understand why people laugh at something like that? No I can not. In principle, I can put myself in people’s shoes – but there is a red line that I would call the healthy path, and that is a transgression. No sane person would have such a sick thought. There is a wide range of sick fantasies and thoughts – I can understand it within this framework, but within the framework of the normal, reasonably reasonable: no.

“Natascha plays with Priklopil” implicitly transports the image of the dominant Lolita. In a way, yes – and that’s where the real meanness lies.term paper helper Because even if I had such personality parts, it would have absolutely nothing to do with the kidnapping.

“An abused woman who is strong – no, nobody wants that”

No, but you became a projection screen for strange fantasies, and that culminates in jokes like these. Yes that’s true. And it’s so degrading because I just want to live. I would like to try again the image of a flower, grow, take in the sun, develop leaves, use the fertilizer. But people want to make dandelion salad out of me or denigrate me as a weed. Sometimes a dandelion grows in a field where it shouldn’t, where you don’t want it, because you plant potatoes or the like there. You see me as someone who takes place where I shouldn’t. My strength against the perpetrator is also perceived as presumptuous, because actually I should have been afraid of him and should have been afraid. There are so many people who are with someone who beats them up, knocks their teeth out. They are angry because they think: what is being made so much fuss about the Kampusch, I owe it a lot more. An abused woman who is strong – no, nobody wants that. Besides, I never said God knows how I was mistreated. I was kidnapped, locked up, even beaten – and that’s actually enough. I don’t have to spread every negative experience.

When a man holds a woman captive, a sexual component is immediately emphasized. Would that also be the case if the victim were a man? I guess so. But maybe they wanted to emphasize this in my case, because these theories already existed during my imprisonment that my relatives had done something to me. And then it was logical: if it wasn’t the relatives, someone else must have done something sexually to her, so it was the kidnapper. And that in turn must be because she comes from a family that is not necessarily good. But of course people assume that when a young girl finds herself in the hands of a man, she has no other option but to do what with the perpetrator – which is true. But I’m being reproached for, and I don’t like that.

According to the motto: “Well, the babe will have had it all over her ears”? I agree. But what are all these women with five children of five different types, who leave the children to neglect, where care comes and who still have children, even though they don’t really like children – what kind of people are they? I always see them in relation to myself and then think to myself: I was not guilty of anything and did nothing to anyone.

© Sebastian Reich / News

If one is deliberately misunderstood as you are, then as a trained Austrian one likes to take refuge in alcohol. Have you ever tried to escape reality this way? No, because as a child I was able to observe many alcoholics, we had a business with a coffee house, there were regular rounds of regulars, they sat down for wine or beer in the afternoon; I watched them start sweating or crying and then stumbling down dead straight paths in the street, and I thought to myself: I never want to be like that. I only consume alcohol in tiramisu. I don’t need any addictive substances to escape from reality, I have such a great imagination that I can create my escape dreams that way. I also want to consciously give myself to reality and not give up control.

Have there been phases in the last ten years where you thought: My life is not worth living in this form? There were moments when I let people pull my teeth and prune my claws because I thought I had to be nice and nice to everyone now and be grateful that I was free. I wish I had acted differently in those moments and expressed myself better. But I didn’t want to emphasize this fame, which I already had, with my personality. The key would have been not to deny any part of my personality in the first place, but it’s so easy to say now.

Especially since you had no real confidants: After eight and a half years of isolation, your own parents must have seemed like strangers to you, right? No, they weren’t strangers. I’ve always had a close bond with them, even if not always very harmonious. But I never had an argument with them, but sometimes found them to be exhausting. After my self-liberation, I was caught up with the fact that they are just the way they are, and that surprised me a little because I thought they too had gone through a process.

But after my liberation there was another strong argument between them, it probably didn’t really need it. You could also have said: “We have experienced something so bad, that unites us at least so far that we calm down and accept one another.” In addition, even before my imprisonment, I sometimes felt misunderstood by my mother, because she is this absolutely practical type, for which I admire her on the one hand. On the other hand, there is only one method for them in every situation, which then runs through them. That’s why as a child I always felt less well-off, and that frustrated me. After my imprisonment, however, at some point I realized: Now, at least in part, I can finally be the person I want to be, it was like coming out.

Do you have any idea what an intact family life might look like? Is that something you long for? I dont know. I admire people who have their own intact families, and I long for them a little too, because I really like responsible people. A family with seven or eight children, that would be nice – but then that would be a completely different life: That would require a second person, it’s all a question of reflection: If I were different, I would approach people differently and also attract people who long for a family. But in my environment there are more people who want to be independent.

“I feel like an old Greek in a young woman’s body”

In your new book you write that you feel “fallen out of time” and “neither young nor old”. What do you mean? Sometimes I like this stuffy, responsible adulthood, but often I don’t. On the other hand, I don’t like this childishly irresponsible person either. It used to be even more noticeable, because when you heard me talk you would think I was an older person, around forty or even older, in a younger body. Now it is slowly adjusting. But the problem is: I don’t know how to get it right now, to enjoy my youth, because you have to learn that too. I feel more like one of those men from ancient Greece with a white beard and white hair, but in a young woman’s body – and that’s just difficult.

Do you have specific plans for the future or are you concentrating on the daily struggle for survival? Struggle for survival? Yes, somehow that fits. But at the same time I also have plans that are more creative than personal. If I had to define myself, I would most likely call myself an artist. Survival artist, that fits well. I often do three to four courses at the same time, help friends out in their shops or work as a goldsmith. I know where to go professionally, but I don’t want to talk about that yet. At some point there will be the right frame for me – even if I have to make it myself.

Natascha Kampusch Born on February 17, 1988 in Vienna, Natascha Kampusch was kidnapped in 1998 on the way to school by communications engineer Wolfgang Priklopil and held captive in the basement of his house in Strasshof (Lower Austria). After 3096 days, around eight and a half years, she managed to escape and Priklopil took his own life. The “Kampusch Case”, which received worldwide attention, was accompanied by numerous investigative mishaps.

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MinION Thu., Aug. 18, 2016 3:47 pm


Sure, terrible things have happened to her, which no one would wish for, but does she really have to go public more or less regularly? There are enough kidnap victims who are not keen on having to explain, justify, or focus on all the time. They just want their peace and quiet to process the whole thing and live on without a fuss. I know myself

MinION Thu., Aug. 18, 2016 3:47 pm


someone kidnapped while on vacation in the Sahara. Of course, he was interviewed after his liberation and I also asked him holes in the stomach back then. Reluctantly, he replied, as many said it was his own fault if he had to go on vacation in the desert. There was only one interview with the reason – he just wanted his peace and quiet and that he didn’t care,

MinION Thu., Aug. 18, 2016 3:48 pm


what others would think of him. Kampusch is probably an exceptional case that she constantly wants to tell the whole world how offended she is about people’s opinions. If you want to be in public all the time, you have to reckon with negative things.


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Oberon Wed., Aug. 17, 2016 1:17 p.m.


I wouldn’t be so sure that Natascha Kampusch would push public. It could just as well be that some media report on them because it is summer and the summer gap needs to be filled. Otherwise nothing happens in Austria ?! With this article you can post what you want, although some of the earlier ones were really borderline. Only – that interests …..

Oberon Wed., Aug. 17, 2016 1:19 pm


the “dear” editors do not. Your protective hand is only held over the “refugees”. As a precautionary measure, forums are blocked, giving users a virtual muzzle. It is obvious that double standards are used here! But what do you expect …? Note: I watched the film “3096 Days”, divided into three times. He is reduced ……

Oberon Wed., Aug. 17, 2016 13:21


…. without lurid film music, so only related to the essentials. Still, absolutely heavy fare.

Gabe Hcuod Wed., Aug. 17, 2016 14:22


“Hobby psychologist” Oberon should perhaps seek professional psychological help, because her fixation on the subject of refugees / foreigners seems to be compulsive. When she does not complain about asylum seekers, she complains that she cannot sufficiently complain about asylum seekers.


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Vacationers2620 Wed., Aug. 17, 2016 07:43 am


Well then they’ll finally spare people with their presence in the media.